The Pink and Green Party

The Pink and Green Princess Party was a success!
Here's lots of pictures for you!

Ella's one request was a sign that said "Happy Birthday Princess Ella". She reminded me a couple times a day about it!

To welcome the royal guests...
I like it when you can tell you're at the right house...over half the guests had never been to our house before.

My husband can build houses...and apparently castles now too!
I purchased a 3 sided presentation board (already pink) at Hobby Lobby.
My husband drew out the castle shape on the backside, and then cut it out.
The flags are wooden skewers with green felt flags!

Every girl at the party got to be a princess...complete with their own cape and crown!
I used the same tutorials I used here!

No royal banquet is complete without flowers...tissue paper flowers fit into this "not so royal budget"! I used Martha's directions.
Every princess needs a sparkly slipper...template and directions found here!
Homemade green gingham napkins and pink hobnail plates that I found at a garage sale...8 for $1.00! With 3 girls in the house, I couldn't pass them up!

Homemade tablecloth and banners complete the festive look!

Another view!

The menu was kept simple...cake and a drink.
Sugar rimmed glasses held the pink and green princess punch!
(A scoop of lime sherbet, a scoop of raspberry sherbet and some 7UP)
Each girl got her own princess cake.
I used this pan to create the bottoms of the dresses.
(I bought mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon)
Polly Pockets and Princess make up the top half of the girls
We played pin the crown on the princess. Again modeled after the princess on the invite.
Everything was felt so it stuck by itself, instead of needing pins or tape.
Bad pic...the background is pink with a white princess.
Other games we played were:
a treasure hunt...the were on the hunt for the queens treasure box. Inside was diamonds, necklaces and rings for everyone.
Queen Commands (Simon Says)
The Royal Freeze Dance Ball
And a Pinata.
To carry all the goodies home, each girl received her own canvas bag with her first initial monogrammed on it.
We also set up this castle tent we already had...the girls had fun pretending with it!
Oh...if you live near me...and are planning a pink and green princess party, feel free to borrow all our pink and green party supplies!
I'm don't be shy!


Warming The Hearth

The jack-o-lanterns were there in October.
November still doesn't have very cold days to have a fire going while I was unpacking a box I came across the solution.
These candleholders I made a few years ago:

It's simply straight sided glass vases, candleholders and even drinking glasses. I then used papers in different shades of creams, tans and whites....drew a pattern lightly in pencil on the papers....took the thread out of my sewing machine and "sewed" the pattern on the papers! The needle just poked little holes in the paper in a WAY more efficient manner than I could have ever done! Use some double stick tape to attach to glass containers!
They're even pretty in the daytime!
Opening that box brought a smile to my face....I had made these for centerpieces at a MOPS special dinner we had many years a town we no longer live in. ...but still have dear friends there...and great memories of times like this. You past fellow MOPS moms...remember these? Which special dinner was it???


Instant Party

2 Things I love...cute and easy!
After reading my last post about the birthday party theme, my friend Lisa emailed me about the 2 party lines Stampin'Up! carries.
Both lines include everything (except the cupcakes) you need for a great party for eight!

Includes products to create:

  • 1 banner
  • 8 invitations
  • 8 crowns
  • 8 purse boxes
  • 8 food toppers

Isn't it adorable!!! Too bad I already bought all the party supplies.

The Pirate Party

The Pirate Party Includes the items needed to create:
  • 1 banner
  • 8 invitations
  • 8 eye patches
  • 8 treasure boxes
  • 8 food toppers

A party for 8 for $15.95....hmmm.

I think there's 3 things I love....cute, easy and cheap!


Pink and Green On The Brain

There's a certain little 4 year old in my home who is turning 5 very soon...this little 4, soon to be 5 year old is always very decisive.
This girly girl decided she would like to celebrate princess style this and green princess to be exact!
I love a good color problem there...
but princess in the right color combo...there is the challenge!
First we needed an invitation.
I was planning on making the invite, but needed some ideas.
I started searching etsy and lo and behold I came across these!
Perfect!!! So perfect that I opted to not make my own, but buy from event123.
They arrived and were lovely and very well made...and with the sweetest matching envelopes.
A great start to a sweetly royal birthday party!
Stay tuned for more!


Halloween Recap

Yes I know it's already the middle of November.
I just thought I'd post it, so I could link to it next I guess that actually makes me ahead of the game :)
Halloween was great this's some pics for you!

I set up this table and some decorations right inside the front door. The black tablecloth is just a twin sheet from Wal-Mart (under $5) A yard of fabric that I just had to sew the edges tops it off. I grabbed a few decorations from around the house and a lamp. Our glass trick or treat jars are on there.
The hanging pumpkins are from here.

Also, a basket of monster cookies for the grown-ups!

Front porch steps are ready to greet trick-or-treaters!

Little Red Riding Hood
(costume bought last year at an after Halloween sale)
We added the tutu and leggings!
The oldest wanted to be a hippie!
Thankfully we were given those jeans in a bag of hand-me-downs!
Just a few accessories from the costume shop were needed!
The peacock.
We took our cues from the overly priced Pottery Barn Kids costumes.
I purchased a leotard on ebay.
We then made a peacock skirt out of lots of felt, a little elastic, a little sewing and a lot of fabric glue.
Another handmade tutu was layered underneath for a bouncy, cute peacock!


My Weekend Adventure

I didn't have any big plans for the weekend...there's always lots to work on around the house, enjoying the girls long weekend and the nice weather.

Well, I woke up Thursday morning to a love letter on my nightstand that told me I did indeed have plans for the weekend and I needed to pack my bag!

I did as the letter told me. At 10 AM I received a call from a friend informing me we were having lunch together.
I got in the car, only to see it well stocked with water and my much loved Dark Chocolate Frappacinos!
On the way to lunch, I stopped by the chiropractor for a much needed appointment my husband lined up for me.
Lunch was wonderful and encouraging. My friend then gave me another letter telling me that my husband had scheduled a (much needed/2 years in the waiting) hair appointment for me!
As my hair cut was wrapping up, some of the girls that worked there brought me a bag full of snacks and another letter. (One of the young college girls who worked there said, "maybe he's going to propose tonight!" I just laughed)
The letter told me that there was a reservation at a hotel for me...a night to relax and watch my favorite show (The Office).
(I will add here that The Office is my only show that I love and want to watch, but Thursday night is also the night Jacob works late...and so I usually don't get to watch it!)
I had a wonderful night of laying in bed and watching TV!
Friday morning my phone rings, and a dear friend is on the line (all the way from Oklahoma) It was nice to hear her voice and all her wonderful encouragement! She then proceeded to tell me that my husband had put an envelope of money (and another love letter) in the car for me to have a day of shopping! (With the rules that it couldn't be spent on the girls or the house).
I had a great time...taking my time and actually trying things on!!!
I received another call telling me to hop in the car again and drive 3 hours to see my best friend Sara! She's a busy mom of 4 littles and a new business owner of a floral shop. Needless to say, we don't get to see each other enough!
I arrived Friday afternoon, and was informed that my husband was sending BOTH of us to the spa for the night!
We had massages, manicures and pedicures...and lots of laughs! We came back to Sara's home and relaxed...with a movie and some cookie dough to eat!
Saturday there was a bit more shopping and another love letter saying it was time to return home to go out for dinner with my husband!
As sweet as that time was...I missed my husband and girls so much...I was ready to come home.

Could a girl do much better? I think not! He's the best!



Do you have a mound of candy at your house? We do here!
So what did I do today...I bought some more Halloween candy on clearance!
Did I hear some gasps of horror??? I have me. Here's some of the ways we'll use up the Halloween candy in the upcoming months:
Candy Corn
(click on picture for recipe and instructions)

Click here for some sweet homemade candy bracelets!

Snicker Bars

They key ingredient for some Snicker Apple Salad

Chopped easy topping for some fresh out of the oven brownies.


Perfect for a few batches of Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies!

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups

A test of my will power

Some more batches of cookies-Peanut Butter Cup

More Candy Ideas

Perfect decorations for Christmas time Gingerbread houses!

Lollipop Flower Cupcakes

There's some ideas to get you started...check out the clearanced candy, and have some fun!

Also, check out the costume clearance...a dress-up box would make a perfect Christmas gift for a little girl or boy!

And of course, think ahead to next year!

(Just don't buy the candy for next year!)

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