Pretty Organized

I'm a sucker for labels, it's a I was SUPER excited when I saw what Cathe from "Just Something I Made" created for all of us to download for free! (And even more excited when I saw she did one in red) She has the red and a pretty apple green available. Click here to go to her site and download. Have fun organizing!



What's Better Than Cheap?

FREE...of course!
I love decorating with old books and am always on the lookout for them...look at what I found at the public library the other books!

I always am on the lookout for an interesting title and coloring. Perhaps something I can change out seasonally. But, what if they have a title I don't want to display?

I just turn them around...the simplicity of the cream pages and the variation of cover colors are beautiful. Sometimes you have to peak under a dust jacket to see the possibility, but once it's home just take that dust jacket off.
Stack them on a shelf horizontally or vertically or put them under something to elevate it.

Check out your local library for a free section...if you can't find one, ask the librarian what happens to the old books they no longer may find some treasures!


Window Shopping...Craigslist Style

I came across this table and chair set on would be cute in a kitchen...but I think it would be even cuter in a "shared-sisters-room"! It could be used like an old partners desk...each one sitting on a different side with a lamp sitting in the middle and a basket or tray with paper and a jar for pencils and pens! I already have a "Plan A" for the big girls room desk...but I'll keep this in mind for a "Plan B"!


Pretty Names

I wish I had graphic design skills...but some days I can barely get Microsoft Word to work right...thankfully there are much more skilled people than me sharing what they know! Here's what I did in just a couple minutes! Think of the possibilities...stickers...tags...stationary... Go here to make your own! Just do a search for your name in the top right corner...even if they don't have your name (they didn't have Ella) I was still able to "suggest" a name.


A Few Peaks...

Here are some of the most updated pictures I have of the's coming along, with something happening everyday! I spent Tuesday picking out appliances...kind of...I already had most of my appliances picked out before we started building, but I wasn't really set on a specific washer and the top of my "wish" list was- my own, in my own house and not having to pay $1.75 to wash and dry each load (we share a washer and dryer with the other tenants of our apt.)...I also wanted a high-efficiency front loader...and I ended up picking out the "Whirlpool Duet" I'm pretty excited about it! Wednesday I picked out carpeting...something that was harder than I thought it would be!
Now, on to the pictures!

The "wing walls" on our front steps. Just the right height to sit on! The porch is still waiting for the rest of its "pretties"...the posts, railings and lights!

Some light fixtures have been installed! This one is in Sophia's room.
Here's the light that ended up in the big girls room...I love the 2 little birds sitting on the branches. The girls have already named them!

Another view of the front porch

My lovely tub! I LOVE baths, but refuse to take one in our apartment I am SUPER excited about this pretty little thing! Obviously I need to pick out some good, not sheer, curtains for those windows!


A 2nd Birthday...

Watch out world...she is officially 2!


A Birthday Flashback

Last year at this time it really wasn't on the radar to have a birthday party for Sophia beyond the immediate family...most of our family lives 2-3 hours we were trying to save every penny to get into a house. It just so happened that my brother was receiving his Masters degree from the university in our town on the weekend before Sophia's my brother's family, my sister and her husband and my parents were going to be in town why not have a birthday lunch. Since we were and still are :) living in a small 2 bedroom apartment I decided on a picnic lunch in the park.

I put together "lap lunches" for everyone...each adult and kid got their lunch packed in one of these red gable boxes. I hit up Fancy Flours for this cute gingham wax paper to wrap our sandwiches and the muffin cup. (make sure to check out all their offerings...especially their other muffin'll take your brain to all kinds of creative places)!

I had this lovely etsy seller make some custom stickers to "jazz" up the boxes.

I made a couple different cupcakes...funfetti cupcakes for my brother-in-law who also received his Masters the same weekend...gluten-free chocolate cupcakes for my brother...and lollipop flower cupcakes for the kids. I hit up the local "sweets" shop for my cupcake decorations. The "tray" is part of an old game that I picked up at a garage sale.

Other items not pictured: picnic blanket/tablecloths that I made from a cheap white twin bed sheet from Wal-Mart and red and white gingham fabric sewn on all four sides.
A big wicker basket filled with "park toys" balls, bats and bubbles.
We were prepared for a great picnic in the park......we ended up with a rainy day and a great party in the apartment!

And Sophia was the perfect little lady...never touching that tempting treat in front of her.....

HA! Fooled you....


A Birthday Checklist

Happy May Day! I can't believe May is here already...but what's even harder to believe is that my baby will be 2 in less than two weeks! WOW! I thought we'd be in the house by now and that I could plan a little party for her and a few little friends...not this year...maybe we'll have a "just because" party next fall when her 2 older sisters are off to school. Even though I'm not planning a party I still have a birthday checklist...just a few things I'm thinking of for her special day.

An empty t-shirt + a little bit of fabric + some matching tulle = a cute tutu t-shirt that declares to the world that she is officially 2!

A little child sized hutch I picked up at a garage sale (for $7.50!) This will be transformed into a little kitchen/pantry for her new bedroom. Stocked with everything a kitchen needs...and hopefully lots of felt food!

If for some reason the above doesn't happen there's always this little dollhouse from Pottery Barn Kids!

Of course there will be birthday cupcakes and yummy food too!

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