More Simple Halloween Decor

Have you had enough yet? Halloween is tomorrow...there WILL be some end to this, I promise!
It all started with these 2 little crocks I found thrifting:

I decided to put tricks on one, and treats on the other. I ended up using rub-on transfer letters. They turned out OK...and are decorating my upstairs hallway. As I was doing this project I started thinking it would be cool to actually have our tricks and treats for Halloween in some sort of labeled jar. They would have to be bigger...this is what I ended up with:

Chalkboard paint on glass jars...yes it's been done before...but it's still a fun way to greet your trick-or-treaters! And I can use it for other times throughout the year!


Simple Halloween Decorating Continues

A big bowl of little pumpkins
Different ribbons wrapped around each (secured with glue dots)
Sweet and Simple!


Simple Halloween Decorating

2 Store bought "foam" light-up Jacks
1 Garage Sale Jack
1 Little Jack from my Grandma
4 Happy Glowing Faces lighting up our fireplace in an unexpected way!
Hanging above the fireplace: one of the Halloween projects I did this year.
Various store bought fabrics-some are Halloween, some are just black or orange patterns.
Cut into triangle shapes with pinking shears (to deter fraying)
Sew into a banner using double fold bias tape.
The End!


Nice and Simple

My peeps....have you seen the cute fall peeps that are out?
That little cat sitting on the edge of our cider cup is they make ghosts and pumpkins too.
Just cut a slit at the bottom and slide it on your cup.


Owl Bet You Like Cheap Artwork!

Now I need to clarify that this art project will take extreme talent and huge amounts of artistic talent.......
by Hallmark!
Have you ever walked by the card section in a store and a pretty card caught your eye?
Here's what I say...BUY IT!
Who cares if it's a congratulations on you mole removal...if the outside is pretty, who cares!
(as long as the outside doesn't mention the mole removal thing)
I found this pretty owl card at Target...the frame was $1 at a garage sale. (But thrift stores have tons too!)
I painted the frame with some "Burnt Orange" spray paint I found at Lowes.
Place the card inside...and that's it!
Change your cards a little over a month you'll be receiving lots of holiday cards in the mail...frame some of those!
Let your creative minds wander, as you wander the card aisle!


Not Always a House but Always A Home...

Since being married and establishing our own household we've lived in about every type of "housing" you can think of. Here's the order:
1. Married Student Housing at the University
2. A One Bedroom Apartment (for 3 of us)
3. The in-laws house
4. A double wide trailer
5. A Two Bedroom Apartment (for the 5 of us)
6. And now, finally a "traditional" house.
I was always on a tight budget... #1-#4 was when my husband was in school full time and I was a stay at home mom. (For the first seven years of marriage)
#5 and #6 my husband has a "real job". But there's still a budget.
What #1-#6 did have in was always home. No matter what form it came in, it was slowly and thoughtfully transformed into our home.
That's one of the reasons I wanted to share this blog with you:
She loves cottages...but lives in a 1960's split level.
She is slowly (one month per room) turning that house into her home.
For around $100 per room! What inspiration!

Oh...and....she's my sister!


Some Encouragement...

Thrifting can be fun...but it can also be very discouraging. I guess that's the trade-off...major cheap items, but no promises of finding something you like. In thrifting it's all about quantity (or straight up luck). The more you go to-the more likely you are to find something you love.
I enjoy going to garage sales, and so I've scheduled my week so I can usually go on a Friday morning to a few sales. Thrift store visits usually only happen if I'm in the area doing other errands.
Most of my home decor I have found at thrift stores and garage sales...but, not EVERY time I go to one do I find something. In fact, I would say only about 1/3 of the time do I find something super cool and unique.
I have learned I like the "old lady" garage sales most. They're cleaning out years of attic clutter...and usually at great prices. I can find embroidery, fabric, dishes and the list goes on and on.
You can never tell what will be at a thrift store. But always have an open mind-think past the original use of an item and never forget your friend the spray paint can!
Remember my pumpkin decor post? All those pedestals and candlesticks were found at thrift stores. Some I spray painted. All were found individually, over the course of years. The only thing they had in common - my vision for them!
Here's a few items I've found thrifting...I hope they are encouragement to you to search those garage sales and thrift stores to make your house a home!

Above: a big "trencher" type bowl. This wood bowl is huge! It's at least 2 ft. square! I found it at Goodwill! I couldn't believe it! I had been wanting an antique trencher bowl for awhile, but they're very expensive. This isn't antique, but it's still pretty cool! ( I have a bunch of pumpkins and gourds to go in here.)

Above: popcorn bowls-one large and four individual. Found at Goodwill. (the large was found separate of the individuals) Just makes simple popcorn and movie night extra special!

This picture above is the dearest thing to me I've ever found.
Plus, I think it's the best example that you can find items that you love and are personal to you while thrifting.
If you're from where I grew up in northeast Iowa the picture will look familiar.
I was going to garage sales about 6 years ago in the town where I was going to college at. (3 hours from my hometown) I saw this and about lept out of my shoes! The colors weren't exact, but I went for a closer look. The black and white newspaper article that the artist painted this picture from was taped to the back. It was what I thought it could I not recognize that scene...about 5 minutes from my parents farm. The mill that we spent our summers and falls tubing and canoing past. The bridge that was washed away in a flood when I was a young girl. I of course bought that picture immediately ($3.00!).
Everytime I walk past that picture it makes me smile.

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