Not Always a House but Always A Home...

Since being married and establishing our own household we've lived in about every type of "housing" you can think of. Here's the order:
1. Married Student Housing at the University
2. A One Bedroom Apartment (for 3 of us)
3. The in-laws house
4. A double wide trailer
5. A Two Bedroom Apartment (for the 5 of us)
6. And now, finally a "traditional" house.
I was always on a tight budget... #1-#4 was when my husband was in school full time and I was a stay at home mom. (For the first seven years of marriage)
#5 and #6 my husband has a "real job". But there's still a budget.
What #1-#6 did have in was always home. No matter what form it came in, it was slowly and thoughtfully transformed into our home.
That's one of the reasons I wanted to share this blog with you:
She loves cottages...but lives in a 1960's split level.
She is slowly (one month per room) turning that house into her home.
For around $100 per room! What inspiration!

Oh...and....she's my sister!

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