Find: Lighting

I am currently looking for a new light fixture to replace the one hanging over our stairs....

short of setting up a huge ladder, there is no way to clean it or replace burned out bulbs.

I came across the etsy store :

They are makers of beautiful, vintage looking lighting.
Go here and check them out!


Spring Has Sprung!


Start A New Tradition: String Trail

The "String Trail" is a new tradition in our house, with last year being the first year. It will be is something the kids have asked for multiple times since last year.

The idea came from a friend of mine...except they do it at Christmas.

We give the kids Spring Baskets on the Saturday before Easter. I usually fill the baskets with the "summer replacements"...sidewalk chalk, bubbles, new kites, etc. I do put a little bit of candy in them. This year I am putting new jump ropes in and activities for an upcoming plan ride.

This is just a different, fun, inexpensive twist on Spring Baskets!

All you need is string...I purchased a small roll per kid.

After they went to bed we tied the string onto their bed (we did the leg at the foot of the bed...I didn't want them getting tangled in their sleep)

We then strung that string through the ENTIRE house...over, under, through. No limits!

Based on where we ended up with their string, we hid their baskets in different places throughout the house and tied the end of the string to it.

When they woke up, they had to take the time to follow AND roll their string into a ball to get to where their basket was hidden. They kept commenting about how much fun they were having. It was fun to watch them and it slowed things down a lot!

Here's some pics of last year!

CLEARLY very exciting!

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