Just Something I Made...

I realized I forgot to show you all this...

It's a wooden sign made from a vintage ad I found!

I made it at the very beginning of May... it was a very easy task, just a little time consuming. Here's my process:

  1. I emailed the original ad to our local print shop and had them enlarge it to about 36"x36".
  2. Had my husband make me a wooden square and then I painted it white.
  3. Taped my enlarged print to the painted square.
  4. Used a jumbo sheet of carbon/transfer paper (I found mine in the canvas aisle at Hobby Lobby) to transfer the image onto the painted wood sign. Just put transfer paper under the print paper and trace around your image and words with a pen or pencil.
  5. Your pen or pencil will push down on the carbon paper and transfer your image onto the wood sign. Once your all done transferring...
  6. Usually I would use paint to fill in my transferred image...but this time I used a black sharpie and was very happy with the results.

All total, the project cost me under $5!

That's it! Easy peasy!


Tag Sale Alert!

I wanted to share with you all (who live in central iowa) a great tag sale!
Look what I found there today:

Letter Basket-$5...Bowling Pin-$3

This sale is held once in the spring and once in the fall. Past purchases include:

A little tray table for beside my bathtub. Cost-$3

Little foot stool/table between chairs in Master Bedroom. Cost- $10 or 15

Ladder for blankets in the Great Room. Cost- $15.
The sale is spread throughout 3 buildings on a farm. The buildings are overflowing with all kinds of treasures...
The sale is located 2 miles off of Highway 30 in between Colo and State Center.
25909 740th Ave.
State Center, IA 50247
Friday, May 7th, 9-5
Saturday, May 8th, 9-5

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