Two For The Calender

I found this shop on etsy...which led me to this website....which led me to this little tidbit of information:

Best news is...they are located in Central Iowa...yeah!

The Whatcheer Flea Market is the other one on my calender!

I've never been to the Old Crow Market before, so I can't tell you what to expect for prices.

The Whatcheer Flea Market prices fall here:

Cheapest to Most Expensive:

  1. Garage Sales
  2. Thrift Stores
  3. Consignment Shops
  4. Flea Markets

Flea Markets are usually the most expensive out of the 4...but you have so much to pick from and lots and lots of very unique items!



Oh how I love this print...
the colors...
the words...
but mostly the fact that it reminds me of my dad...sunshine is the nickname he gave me as a little girl...and he still calls me it today!


Dress The Walls

Wallpaper or fabric attached to a frame.
(look for cheap frames at the thrift store and paint them the same color)
Big style for little money!


Bowling Birthday Invites

Just came across these invites, and I thought they would be perfect for a funky sock bowling party!
(I would probably opt out of a picture like that for an invitation...but you can do whatever!)

Find the invite here!


Another Birthday Party

I came across this picture recently:

The story behind it was this:

a little girl (I think a 7 year old) was having a birthday....she wanted to go bowling. Each of the guests received an invite and a funky pair of knee socks. Each girl coordinated her outfit for the party with the knee socks she received (and wore bowling).

I love this idea! My oldest will turn 9 (wow!) on her next birthday. She's outgrowing the little girl birthday my eyes are always open for creative ideas like this!

Full details here!


Pretty, Pretty Prints

Aren't these prints just lovely?
Clean, simple and colorful!

Guess what....they're free too! Of course, you'll have to print them out yourself...

Go here...pick your favorite print!



Cupcake Kits

I came across these super cute cupcake kits at Plum Party.
Each kit costs $11.95 and is enough for 24 cupcakes.
There are 19 different kits to pick from...
Check them out here!


Pioneer Girl Party

Wow...those pioneers sure know how to throw a party!
I know 2 little girls, who live in this very house, that would love this party!
Find all the details here!


On The Hunt...

Why didn't I think of this before ?!!??!!

A vintage index card drawer for my everything about this idea! My favorite look is vintage industrial...but that is a look that can be hard on the wallet...but adding little touches like this is very affordable! Now I just have to keep my eyes open for one...any hot tips?

And laminating my recipe cards that I would put in here....icing on the cake!

The other item(s) on my wish list is:

Vintage Mailboxes
We hung up a big bulletin board in the hall between our mudroom and kitchen...for the girls to display their creations. I think a row of vintage for each kid...would be so sweet under the bulletin board.
Any tips on that request?


Another Edible Ipod

I've gotten a few requests for my ipod template in the last week...and it reminded me of where the inspiration for ours came from...

Sorry for the lack of posting...both of our computers decided to stop working for us at the same time! Our laptop officially cannot be repaired and our desktop needed to be completely emptied and restarted from scratch. It's almost 10 years old, so it's not the fastest thing out there. It eventually will be solely for the kids use, once we buy a new laptop. My camera software was on the that's why no pics to share. Thanks for you patience and for sticking around!

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