Another Birthday Party

I came across this picture recently:

The story behind it was this:

a little girl (I think a 7 year old) was having a birthday....she wanted to go bowling. Each of the guests received an invite and a funky pair of knee socks. Each girl coordinated her outfit for the party with the knee socks she received (and wore bowling).

I love this idea! My oldest will turn 9 (wow!) on her next birthday. She's outgrowing the little girl birthday my eyes are always open for creative ideas like this!

Full details here!

Farmgirl Chaos  – (February 24, 2010 at 9:11 PM)  

Fun idea!!!
And if you want some MissMatched fun for the party...check out

I think I will have to keep this idea in my head kid wrangling some day. :)

Ginger  – (February 26, 2010 at 12:37 PM)  

OMGosh! Cute idea! I had to blog about this too on my other blog! Check it our here:

Feel free to snag my "I was featured" button! Talk to you soon!

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