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Here are some of the most updated pictures I have of the house...it's coming along, with something happening everyday! I spent Tuesday picking out appliances...kind of...I already had most of my appliances picked out before we started building, but I wasn't really set on a specific washer and dryer...at the top of my "wish" list was- my own, in my own house and not having to pay $1.75 to wash and dry each load (we share a washer and dryer with the other tenants of our apt.)...I also wanted a high-efficiency front loader...and I ended up picking out the "Whirlpool Duet" I'm pretty excited about it! Wednesday I picked out carpeting...something that was harder than I thought it would be!
Now, on to the pictures!

The "wing walls" on our front steps. Just the right height to sit on! The porch is still waiting for the rest of its "pretties"...the posts, railings and lights!

Some light fixtures have been installed! This one is in Sophia's room.
Here's the light that ended up in the big girls room...I love the 2 little birds sitting on the branches. The girls have already named them!

Another view of the front porch

My lovely tub! I LOVE baths, but refuse to take one in our apartment bath...so I am SUPER excited about this pretty little thing! Obviously I need to pick out some good, not sheer, curtains for those windows!

Stephanie  – (May 22, 2009 at 5:27 PM)  

Love the new pictures of the house, Steph! It's really coming along. By the way, we might be in the Ames area in July . . . maybe we'll be able to come visit you in it for the day? I'll post you on the time frame. Also, using your inspiration and tutorial to make some capes the other day (just one sided though)! I think I did pretty good for not being too artsy-fartsy!
Love to the Overman family from the Ochsners!

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