Halloween Recap

Yes I know it's already the middle of November.
I just thought I'd post it, so I could link to it next Halloween...so I guess that actually makes me ahead of the game :)
Halloween was great this year...here's some pics for you!

I set up this table and some decorations right inside the front door. The black tablecloth is just a twin sheet from Wal-Mart (under $5) A yard of fabric that I just had to sew the edges tops it off. I grabbed a few decorations from around the house and a lamp. Our glass trick or treat jars are on there.
The hanging pumpkins are from here.

Also, a basket of monster cookies for the grown-ups!

Front porch steps are ready to greet trick-or-treaters!

Little Red Riding Hood
(costume bought last year at an after Halloween sale)
We added the tutu and leggings!
The oldest wanted to be a hippie!
Thankfully we were given those jeans in a bag of hand-me-downs!
Just a few accessories from the costume shop were needed!
The peacock.
We took our cues from the overly priced Pottery Barn Kids costumes.
I purchased a leotard on ebay.
We then made a peacock skirt out of lots of felt, a little elastic, a little sewing and a lot of fabric glue.
Another handmade tutu was layered underneath for a bouncy, cute peacock!

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