Have no fear, a "SUPER" present idea is here....

Technically I made these last year....but I'm just posting them now. (it's called a 2 week long headache) We gave these little heroes plus a few other super accesories to one "super" sweet 3 year old for his birthday! (Super Z on the far right is the birthday boy)

The above heroes were made from wooden peg people shapes, some paint and felt. I finished them off with 2 coats of modge podge. Here's my inspiration:
Her Cup Overfloweth
Green Jello

I found the wooden pegs at a garage sale this summer, but they can be found at your local craft store. Or online here:
Caseys Wood Products

Along with above "Pocket Heroes" I made capes, a crown and a reversible mask.
I used this tutorial over at Juicy Bits for "guidance" for the crown and then I just used the same techniques to make the 2-sided mask(one side black for Batman and the other side red for Super Z). Felt is the secret to my success here!

A boy needs a cape...or four! I made 2 capes, but they were each double sided, resulting in 4 capes. I used the tutorial at Puking Pastilles for my capes. She has the Superman and Batman logos all ready for you (she also has a cape for a girl, plus other logos). My other cape I made had a "Super Z" side which was a blue cape and a yellow and red logo. The other side was a king cape with a crown appliqued on it.

On a side note: I assumed this was a "boy" gift, but my girls LOVED them and asked for their own!

Laura  – (January 14, 2009 at 1:23 PM)  

Steph, awesome! On a side note, I overheard you say at the party something about Miralax. We are having issues too, Em's been on it for almost 4 months, I would love to know if there is an end in site. You can e-mail if you have tips ltkibbe @ yahoo .com

Laura  – (January 14, 2009 at 1:39 PM)  

Sorry for the two comments. It sounds like you do a super job at garage sales!

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