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If not, you should be ;)
When we were building our house, I would find a sink or faucet I liked and then would search for the best price, and usually that search would lead me to overstock. (plus shipping is very affordable, and often free!)
Below is the sink we picked for our powder room. I saved about $75 on it, compared to the one I found on ebay!
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I thought this bed was very vintage looking...and you can't find a true vintage bed in a queen size!

Here's the best surprise I discovered while shopping at
I think Pottery Barn sends them their unsold light fixtures!
I was looking through a PB catalog that was about a year or two old and saw the middle chandelier below....for twice as much as what overstock was now selling it for!

Other ways I make more affordable is:
I do a google search for coupon codes. Usually I could find a 10% off code.
I start my purchase at Big Crumbs for another 6.3% back.

Farmgirl Chaos  – (January 19, 2010 at 12:23 PM)  

Is Big Crumbs like Ebates? I'll have to check them out. Seems like a better percentage back.

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