Stick a Fork In It...

It's Done!
(not the house just this little closet/nook!)

This is the closet in our 4th bedroom. Right now the 4th bedroom will be our guest bedroom, so I decided to turn the closet into a crib nook for visiting babes. We bought the closet doors, but are leaving them off for now.

I bought the "Dream" vinyl decal on etsy from Elephannie. She didn't have exactly the size and style I wanted, but she easily did a custom order.

After I painted the closet white, my husband helped me find the center and hang the decal at the height I wanted.

The stripes took a great deal of time. 4 pieces of tape for each set of stripes, and all the measuring!

The thicker center stripe is 2 inches thick. The painters tape is 1 inch. The small stripes are 1 inch. The space between each set of stripes is 12 inches.

I then painted the blue on...but I think I should have painted another coat of white. Once I took the tape off I saw how much the blue "bled" into the orange peel texture of our walls, but I think if I would have done the white again, and then the blue, it would have filled up the texture and the blue stripes would have been much crisper when I removed the tape. Because I didn't do that, I had to go back and fix all that blue paint "bleeding" with some white paint. That took some time!
But, the painting is now finished, and it will be fun to put this little space together. I have a garage sale crib that will be painted black and a sweet little crib set that I can't wait to show you!

Partyhouse 4 God  – (June 9, 2009 at 2:56 AM)  

YEAH!!!!!!!! It looks great~ You are so creative and fun. I can't wait to see your house when it is done.

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