It's Been Awhile...

I hope you have chalked my absence up to being too busy and hopefully not neglect. My days are filled with painting...painting an entire house takes a LONG time I have realized. Thankfully my husband-whom I have nicknamed "The One Coat Wonder" has taught me his ways! My husband used to paint as a job through high school and early he knows how to do a good job quickly. Here's his best piece of advice for a one coat coverage: one roll in the paint=one roll/pass on the wall. Put it on thick...but not so thick it's dripping. I have finished the first floor and get to move up to the bedrooms tomorrow! The first floor is all different shades off of the same color card from Sherwin Williams. It's a very open plan. I used Vintage White in the Powder Room...Believable Buff in the Mudroom, Kitchen, Dining and Hallway...Whole Wheat in the Great Room...Baguette in the Den. My trim throughout the house is Alabaster. We're still a little ways off of being done, but seeing paint going up is making it feel more like while I'm painting a certain room I think about how I'll decorate it, where I'll put a Christmas stuff like that! Here's a little sneak peak for you:

Because I'm busy with new house stuff, I haven't been working on extra little projects. I did have to lead a Daisy Scout meeting tonight and one of the activities we did was make these flip flops for each girl.
I bought the gingham from Wal-Mart's $1.50 pile...I only needed an 8-inch wide piece. The flip flops come from Hobby Lobby...50% off this week! That made each pair .75 (probably around $1.00 when factoring in the fabric). I cut the fabric with my pinking shears to deter fraying as much as possible. You can cut the fabric as narrow as you want, but I wouldn't make it any thicker than 1-inch. The girls then proceded to tie each piece of fabric onto the flip flop in a knot. Push the tied fabric close together for a fuller look. Use the shears to cut off any long pieces that might drag and get dirty...there you go make a pair...or four!

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