Nice and Thrifty

On Tuesday mornings I volunteer in my oldest child's 2 youngest go to a friends house...then I pick up my 2 and her 2 and take them home for the afternoon. The friend that watches them lives really close to one of the thrift stores in town...I usually have about5 minutes to pop in there before I have to pick everyone up! This is what I found today:

A fun dominoes game for the girls...super cute...perfect condition...made by Mudpuppy!
A ribbon belt from GAP.

***Disclaimer: the reason I post my finds is not because I think I have some awesome skill...I think everyone could go into a thrift store to find some great things at great prices...I post to encourage you to GO...give the thrift stores a'll be amazed at what you can find...and happy at the price you found it for!***

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