Welcome March...

March has arrived...and like a lamb in these parts. The first day of March always gives me such hope...it is the month that winter turns to SPRING! Lovely, warm Spring. March holds a fun, but a bit mischievous of a holiday...St. Patricks Day! As a kid, I remember planning ways to catch a leprechaun! I've got some fun things planned for my family this month...above is a project we did today, courtesy of the Toy Maker. (we'll be making a few more things from her this month) In March leprechauns and fairies always seem to be leaving their gold and coins around...so here's a box to stash all those treasures in!
Note: for younger children this will require quite a bit of "assistance" from a grown-up. I had to help my 7 year old a little and my 4 year old A LOT... And my 1 1/2 year old from destroying the boxes within the first 5 minutes :)

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