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One of the hardest things about having kids...decorating the lack of cute coffee table decor. Gone are the candles and choking hazards...and replaced by....nothing...emptiness...nada. Until one day I had the realization that I could have coffee table "pretties"...they just needed to be kid friendly...really kid friendly! Oh and don't forget cute...always cute. That's when I replaced the traditional coffee table books with kids books. I change them out monthly and always try to have "seasonal" ones. So this month I dug out our Leprachaun books. Another item on the coffee table this month is this memory/matching game I made.

I found the Irish themed memory game at the Toy Makers site. I printed out 2 copies of the game. I used some green gingham paper and some wood rectangles from the craft shop. Modge Podged it all together to make this cute memory game. My girls love memory games...and since it's only put out for less than one month a year, they don't get bored with it. All that's left is to find a pretty box or tin to put the pieces in.

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