We are in the final months of building a house. My husband has done a great deal of the work. Pretty much everything after drywall has been done by my husband and his brother. They are doing a GREAT job. My husband built houses to support us through 7 years of he does know what he is doing. Trim around windows and doors is getting finished up and then we will paint! The trim will be painted, and picking out just the right shade of white has been harder then I thought! I went to the paint store and picked up all their "whites" on one card so I could compare them all at once. I think I nailed it down...not stark white, but not too cream either. I'll take it over to the house before making the final decision. I am also figuring out wall colors...or should I say shades. I knew what colors I wanted everywhere, but finding the right shade has been the trick! The other thing that has been hard is the fact we have a very open 1st floor. So it all needs to flow...the fireplace stone, wall color, floor color and backsplash has all been taken into consideration. I also have some swatches from some furniture I have been looking a blanket that is my "color combo inspiration". The first floor conains a Great Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Mudroom, Powder Room and Den. The Great Room, Dining, Kitchen and Mudroom will probably be painted the same color-Camelback from Sherwin Williams. The Powder Room will probably get the shade darker on the color card. The den will be red! I am going with warm tans, creams, chocolate (in the leather and wood) and red (mostly in my accents) throughout the main floor (oh...and some black accents). The picture above also has the backsplash that I am thinking about for the kitchen. Kitchen cabinets will be painted the white trim color. Countertops will be a sand/tan concrete (we're doing those overselves). Knobs and plumbing and lights are Oil Rubbed Bronze:

The top picture is the island lights and the bottom is the great room fan/light. I lucked out and got these on sale plus had a coupon code for 10% off...which was a blessing because they were the most expensive lights in my house, and I couldn't find any similar/that cost less. I look forward to sharing more pictures with you as the house gets closer to completion!

Nicoleigh  – (March 18, 2009 at 2:01 PM)  

The fan/light combo is very fun. I've seen it somewhere before...maybe in a store, and just stood and watched it for a bit. I think your girls will really enjoy it as well. Something different, but fun.
And I love the colors you are going with. Very warm and cozy.

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