I Need Your Help!

In about 3 1/2 weeks we will be moving! I am very excited...but there is so much to do in between. Packing up an entire household can take up any "extra" time I may have...but on top of that, a house that we are finishing ourselves, and that has to be finished to move in! I'm thinking about that first week or two in the new house, and how much unpacking and projects we'll be working on...and how that will translate into feeding my family.
I have decided homemade freezer meals is the way to go...it's nothing new to me...I've done it in the past...usually devoting a day to filling the freezer. This time around I don't have an "extra" day...so my plan is to just double 7-10 meals I make in the next few weeks.
Here's where you come in!
Do you make freezer meals?
Would you mind sharing your favorite recipe?
I would greatly appreciate it!
Leave a comment or email me!

Nicoleigh  – (July 1, 2009 at 4:16 PM)  

I have some of this in my freezer right now. Don't know what to call it, since everyone calls it something different.

Pasta noodles (I use penne)
Spaghetti sauce
LOTS of cheese
(Cottage cheese if you want it more like lasagna...really good that way)
Just mix it all up and freeze it.

Other ideas:
tater tot casserole
sloppy joe meat
scalloped potatoes
chicken and rice casserole

also, check out this site:

On a side note.....if you ever need time to pack/clean/whatever and need someone to watch the girls, let me know. I'd be happy to help you guys out.

The Mackeys  – (July 1, 2009 at 4:58 PM)  

ummm... all of my ideas come from you....

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