Gift Wrap

A little late aren't I? I don't think so...we all wrap gifts throughout the year! True, these happen to be Christmas gift pictures, but change the colors and you can have a nicely wrapped gift anytime of year. I usually buy big rolls of solid color wrapping paper...for sure a roll of white paper. Then when ribbon by the roll goes on sale or I see some at a garage sale I pick it up. I also buy different colors of card stock when it's on sale. I did my above Monogram Tags on Word by using the Auto Shape option and creating a Text Box inside. I also did ovals with the persons name in it. For a wedding you could do the new couple's monograms on the tag. For kids birthdays I've done a huge letter on my Word program in the outline option, printed it on a fun color of cardstock, cut it out and glued it on. Simple and cheap!

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